Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein delete the social photos together: is love already over?

She was wearing an engagement ring, he declared to the four winds: "I'm really in love with this fantastic woman". Now, however, the photos in which they seemed lost in love have (almost) disappeared from their social networks. And the gossip goes crazy

Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein … but is love already over? It was the most calient story of the moment, it is becoming a crime novel: because the actress and the stylist have deleted from the social networks the photos in which they seemed crazy lovers. What will ever happen? – THE PHOTOS TOGETHER | ALL THE VIDEOS OF THEIR LOVE

Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein, when they posted their love stunts on social networks – READ | PHOTO | VIDEO

TRUE GOODBYE OR AMOR OF PRIVACY? – In the absence of a comment from the interested parties, the fans (and the gossip) have been split: there are those who claim that their love was only a fatuous fire and there are those who, on the contrary, speak of a rediscovered need for privacy after months and until a few days ago Madalina and Philipp flooded the social networks with photos and videos in which they were readily inseparable (including hugs and hot kisses on cars and planes).

Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein, it's true love. Together they are inseparable LOOK

FOR FAN LA COLPA IS OF PHILIPP – Meanwhile, fans of the splendid Madalina Ghenea have already delivered their verdict: the stylist would have taken the initiative, thus making their idol suffer. A fan writes angry: "Where is Philipp Plein? He deleted all pics with u"(Where is Philipp Plein? He has deleted all the photos with you). Another tries to console her ":" I have no words for Philipp Plein, it seemed that he had eyes only for her! And now? Has he returned to the ex? I don't believe it and if it were so I would think this has really missed an opportunity ". It must be said that Madalina placed a photo of herself with director Baz Luhrmann and a little heart next to him. Love or a fan gesture? And it must be added that Madalina's "erasing" fury has spared some images with Philipp Plein (a very tender one, in which they welcome a "new family member": a little dog), which for its part has instead posted a photo of Lena Gercke , model and ex-wife of footballer Sami Khedira.

Madalina Ghenea naked exaggerates on social media – READ | PHOTO | VIDEO

THOUGHT THE WEDDING – And to say that the couple – she 27 years old, he 38 – according to the rumors even pointed to the wedding after the lightning strike at the Montecarlo Film Festival. Not only that: they had made a cross-shaped tattoo on the left ring finger, after which a very expensive diamond arrived and there were also passionate statements about him on Instagram: “I'm really in love with this fantastic woman! I never had so much fun. " And incredible: now it could already be all over.