Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein, the "canceled passion"

Watching their social profiles, Madalina Ghenea is Philipp Plein they had seemed inseparable for some time now. Every day, for many, the two have flooded the photo social networks together, including selfies, kisses, red roses, sexy shots or everyday life.

The Romanian model, 27, and the 38-year-old stylist looking at them so they looked really happy. And crazy about each other. So much to do tattoo a ring finger of each other's left hand. Before starting to travel the world together. From the south of France, to Paris, up to New York.

When something strange happens: the photos, the ones that most contained all this love, have been eliminated. Some of her profile, many of them from his profile. A dispute, a separation? The shared choice to keep one's private for himself? No official communication, yet, from the two.

Madalina had known Philipp for some time, but the passion would have struck at the Montecarlo Film Festival: they met again and it was immediately a feeling uncontainable.

In the actress's past two important loves: Gerard Butler (2013) is Michael Fassbender (2014). Both lasted for a year. But by the end of 2014, no man had been more immortalized by his side.