Madalina Ghenea and the diamond on her finger …

Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein for the Easter holidays went to Disneyland Paris: will there be a wedding soon?

Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein have decided to give themselves a little trip to magic for Easter Disneyland Paris: the couple seems very close and in love, and from what they report, gossip has been circulating on the web lately likely marriage. I wonder if the couple is already projected towards marriage: in the meantime, however, the two always excite their followers, with shots of kisses and happy expressions, of true harmony. Together with some friends they gave themselves a romantic and fun vacation, and to witness it, the thinks group photo with Mikey Mouse included. From what it reports, the weekly Who it seems to have explained how the relationship between the German designer and the Romanian model is solid, so much so that between the two we can speak with certainty of a true love.

Marriage in sight between Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein?

The love between Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein seems to be going really well: among the photo published on Instagram, in particular one in which the left hand of the Romanian model stands out tour Eiffel, a truly fantastic panorama that the two boyfriends enjoyed from their hotel room.

But what really attracted the attention was thering with diamond that the girl showed off on the left ring finger: there are no confirmations at the moment, but it cannot be ruled out that the overwhelming love between the two can lead to joining them in marriage.

Next to the shot there were several comments from the fans, who make them congratulations and wish her lots of happiness: if the suspicions of an alleged marriage were confirmed, the followers would surely be very happy.

There is nothing to do but wait for further news on the relationship between Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein.

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Source: Instagram