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Mădălina Ghenea broke up with her daughter's father, Mr. Cash's son, Matei Stratan, and coupled with a famous 32-year-old Vito Schnabel. The two were surprised while kissing on a net in ST Barts, from which it follows that his child's father is doing much of the past.

Mădălina Ghenea broke up from her daughter's father

The international model no longer lives in Romania for many years, but in Milan, along with her daughter, Charlotte, two years old. Besides, it is possible that Madalina and Matthew may no longer form a couple, since the last period of their love has been pressed with tension, jealousy and disappointment.

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Moreover, on New Year's Eve, the young businessman spent at home with his family and daughter, while Mădălina celebrated the passing of years into Italy. Another argument that strengthens the rumors would be that the 32-year-old millionaire broke up not long ago by Amber Heard. The destruction of their love came inevitably after the beautiful American was caught kissing with Argentine director Andrés Muschietti.

Mădălina Ghenea broke up from her daughter's father. Who the model was coupled with
The model has been coupled with a famous 32-year-old model named Vito Schnabel

The international model has a relationship with a 32-year-old millionaire

Returning to the relationship between Matthew and Madalina, the two have gone through difficult moments in their love. As early as September 2017, the model photomodel announced that she decided to take a break in her relationship with her girlfriend's father. "You did not just deceive me, you cheated on us. You did not just break my heart, you destroyed our future ", wrote Romanian in November 2017, after learning that her boyfriend would have a relationship with the world's most sexy pianist, Lola Astranova.

Asked, in an interview for okmagazine.ro, in 2017, how did he feel that Matthew is the man he wants with a child, Madalina said: "From the beginning she told me she wanted a baby. From the first day, from the first moment. I do not know how to describe what we are living. We are getting closer and closer. He moved to me from the first day, and he never left me. I follow him and follow me everywhere. We are inseparable. Since we were together we stayed apart for only a week. I miss him and when he goes to the office ". However, the present is completely changed, and the future is far away.

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