Mădălina Ghenea brought a little girl into the world, after a hellish labor. Who is the child's father?

The beautiful actress was born on this Tuesday, and the happy moment was very secretive. Additionally, the big announcement was made a short time ago, and Mădălina Ghenea is surely in the ninth heaven, especially since she waited with her mouth to gather her little girl in her arms.

"Mădălina spent all day in labor, even more than 11 hours! However, she did not want to go to the clinic until she felt the baby would come to the world. In fact, as soon as she got to the hospital, Ghenea was taken in by doctors and taken to the emergency room, where she had a caesarean section. The star gave birth to a wonderful girl, of which she is very kind, "they told Madalina Ghenea's close, according to wowbiz.ro.

Mădălina Ghenea lives the most beautiful period of her life, after the model has found peace with Matt Stratan, son of millionaire Dan Stratan. Matthew and the beautiful actress settled in Italy, where they live in one of the luxury villas of her family.

Romanian woman got pregnant after only a month of relationship with Matthew, but the two preferred to keep everything secret until the 8th month, especially because she had a pretty heavy task. The news that she will become a mother made her public through a painter for The Art Of Living.

Madalina gave birth by caesarean after more than 11 hours of labor. The pains endured them largely at home, so once the clinic arrived, the model was immediately taken over by doctors.

Madalina's pregnancy was not an easy one from the very beginning, as she even said to Gioia: "The first months were tricky. I got to the hospital, I thought I'd lose it. I want five or six. I dream of a large family. I wanted a baby, but it was hard. "

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