Mădălina Ghenea brought her parents to the capital to be close to her

Once she decided to leave Italy, Mădălina Ghenea has invested some of her earned money in her career in an apartment located in the Unirii Square area.


Moreover, she brought her new home and all the furniture she had in her home in Milan. Although his home was arranged as a book, with all the necessary luxury, the Olteanca did not sleep too much in it. At first, there were jobs abroad, which did not allow him too much to stay in the country. For some time now Madalina is in love with the lulea. She moved to Romania, but not in his house, but in his lover's villa, much more spacious! And as she has now come to spend more time in the capital, the star has found the solution to see her parents more often. More precisely, she made her apartment available to them, where they live more and more, when they do not want to spend their time and go to Slatina.

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The celebrity of the daughter changed her totally

His mother and father became so well known in Slatina that the taste of their daughter's celebrity seemed to transform them into other people. The two very rarely talk to their neighbors. Every time, they turn around to talk about Madalina. And if someone "jumps the horse" and insists on finding out something about the little girl she once knew, it instantly becomes the "enemy" of the two famous parents who just greet him when they meet.

His brother is a simple employee

Madalina Brother also lives in the capital together with his family. The star helped him when he set up his house or when he was dead. But he works to support his wife and child, a lao firm in the capital, where he is a simple employee.


Mădălina Ghenea conquered the father father and has access to all his riches. He put his hand on the key of the empire!

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