Madalina Ghenea cancels love tattoos

The passion between Madalina Ghenea is Philipp Plein it burned quickly. The actress and the designer met last Montecarlo Film Festival. And then they spent a couple of weeks together around the world. A story full of excesses, which they told via social media. From the shots in the sheets, to kisses on private jet up to the diamonds that already sparkled on her finger. Then, nothing.
The photos online as they suddenly appeared, so suddenly they faded away. Something though it is more difficult to "cancel".

Madalina, in fact, love had also written it, indelibly, on the body: his name on the neck, a twin cross on the finger, a little heart on the hand.

And now eliminating those signs is much more complicated. And painful, as she tells herself in a video shot in the dermatology department of a Los Angeles hospital.

"People should think about it before getting a tattoo," He writes. "Now I find the name of my doctor (Philipp) on the neck," he adds, trying to be ironic. It's still: "Just like a hangover is worse than a party, it is more difficult and expensive to get rid of a tattoo than to make one ».

On the other complications of the end of a love, instead, the valley of the last Sanremo prefers not to linger.

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