Mădălina Ghenea, confessions from Milan: “Italy received the message, a country of about 60 million inhabitants closed”

Coronavirus has created worldwide panic. Most of the stars spoke about the drastic measures they took, and Mădălina Ghenea sent a message from Milan.

Currently, Mădălina Ghenea lives in Milan. Italy is affected by the coronavirus epidemic and is quarantined. The actress posted, on her Instagram account, a photo in front of the Dome in Milan and sent everyone a message.

First, Madalina Ghenea urges people not to lose their faith. (SEE ALSO: THE FIRST COUNTY OF ROMANIA WHERE THE SERVICES IN THE CHURCH ARE PROHIBITED)

“Strength and courage! Faith before fear! This is a photo taken a few months before this nightmare began. Please keep everyone safe! Italy received the message, a country of about 60 million inhabitants closed. On the first day of the restriction on trips and public gatherings to stop the aggressive spread of coronavirus, the Italians did not go out on the streets, did not frequent the shops, churches and football fields. They complied with the government’s “I stay home” decree, announced on Monday evening by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with a plea for common sacrifice to protect the country’s elderly population and to save the health system from collapse.

The coronavirus outbreak is now a global pandemic, World Health Organization officials said, confirming what many week-long epidemiologists say. ⁣Pandemic is not a word to use easily or carelessly ‘, said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, at a press conference in Geneva. “We can’t say this loud enough or clear enough or often enough”he added. “All countries can change the course of this pandemic ”
Until now, the World Health Organization had avoided using the term to describe worldwide epidemic outbreaks, for fear it would not give the impression that it was unstoppable and that countries would give up trying to stop it. This is a developing story. “, wrote Mădălina Ghenea on Instagram.

The thing that causes a lot of confusion among people is that both coronavirus and influenza have similar symptoms and are quite difficult to differentiate.

In coronavirus, the main symptoms include fever, cough, dryness, difficulty in breathing, muscle aches and fatigue, while pain in the throat or rhinorrhea are symptoms rather than cold or flu. (READ ALSO: HOW LAURA GIURCANU IS PROTECTED FROM CORONAVIRUS? MESSAGE TRANSMITTED TO FANS: “IT IS THE ONLY WORK WE CAN DO”)

In the case of coronavirus, the less typical symptoms are: mucus accumulation in the throat, headache, coughing up blood and diarrhea.

“Influenza infects a lot less population, over several months, and complicated cases are rare and only when the virus destroys the protective barriers of our respiratory tract (…) COVID-19 causes a common flu in young people, but in the case of the elderly cause a true SARS, because it reaches directly into the alveoli of the lungs, making them unable to function. Severe respiratory insufficiency is installed, and after a few days of hospitalization the oxygen that can be administered in a cabinet is no longer sufficient. ”, explained a well-known Italian doctor.