Madalina Ghenea, criticized by the fans after saying that in Ceausescu's time "everyone had to eat"

Ghenea claims she was asked what her parents' opinion was

Mădălina Ghenea has sparked heated discussions on social media, after posting on her Instagram account a photo showing a snippet from an interview she gave to the magazine "GQ Italia". "Ceausescu led a regime (n.r. – communist), but everyone had to eat and there was no gap between the rich and the poor," appears written on the photo posted by the Romanian. Ghenea claims that she was asked what her parents' opinion was about the communist regime that ruled Romania.

"Having something to eat is not everything in life. The world has ambitions. How can you worship a communist regime? Unless you have a closed mindset … I'm sorry, Madalina, but you gave an outdated answer, "one of her fans commented on the photo.

"Yes, everyone had to eat: salami with soy, plaster cheese and chicken legs, bottom. Aia with claws "

Lucian Mîndruţă also criticized the unexpected comment of Maddina Ghenea, writing on Facebook what were the living conditions of Romania during the communist period. "Mădălina Ghenea, international supermodel, believes that in Ceausescu's time it was better because" everyone had to eat. " Dear Mrs. Ghenea, yes, everyone had something to eat: salami with soy, plaster cheese and chicken legs, bottom. Those with claws, "writes Mîndruţă. "What about eating mattresses to keep your body thin and commercially exploitable. That I don't think you have a big deal in mind, ”he said.

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Contradictions between fans

"He said that" everyone had something to eat "not" what to eat ". It's a big difference in color. He also said something very true: "there was no gap that now separates the rich from the poor." That's why no one comments? She may not be a genius, but no sucker seems. And yes, she is a beautiful woman and full of enemies, ”a fan commented to Mîndruţă.

"So said Miss Ghenea? No one told him that during Ceausescu's time, too, the world could not travel as he travels today, so would he have come to the raft now if Ceausescu remained in power? ”Another commented.

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