Madalina Ghenea, desire for summer

In the summer, for Madalina she publishes a selfie on instagram that shows her without makeup and without filters

They tread the most famous red carpets, attend the most glamorous events, warm up with their voice the stages of their concerts, interpret the most diverse characters on the big screen. And, each time, they appear in all their beauty, highlighted by dream dresses and designer make-up.

But, although some have decided to use a few retouches to refresh one's face, to give aadjust to the nose or to smile, even the celebs that we are used to seeing in all their splendor, have one beauty "without make-up and without deception".

Not all of them, however, show it off. Although among them there are those who have no qualms about showing themselves on their social profiles as soon as they wake up or before going to sleep, the less daring ones are thought by the paparazzi who immortalize them in unofficial situations, perhaps completely without make-up and tousled hair.

Banning perfection (which, as we could note on the beach, does not exist), even the most famous are made of normal defects, imperfections and above all of one beauty water and soap.

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