Mădălina Ghenea, donation for children affected by incurable diseases, from the Hospice center

Actress Mădălina Ghenea donated the set from the movie “Smitten”, in which she played the main role, to the children affected by incurable diseases, from the Hospice center.

The beautiful Romanian brought to the Copaceni Assemblies precisely from Italy the kitchen and the restaurant that her character from the film owned. The feature film was directed by Oscar winner Barry Morrow and will be released next year.

After finishing filming the movie “Smitten”, Mădălina Ghenea took the set from the film with her. Her character owns a restaurant where many parties take place, where they sing and dance.

Madalina starred opposite Daren Criss, and the film was directed by Oscar winner Barry Morrow.

The actress knows the stories of children who suffer from serious illnesses and end up in Hospice centers, so she wanted to help them. Over 150 pieces of furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets and lamps arrived in the center of the Copaceni Assemblies. They are in a rustic style and integrate perfectly in the old mansion, a historical monument, donated to the Hospice center. The works will be ready at the end of December.

Madalina Ghenea: “I fell in love with the team, the place, the setting in the movie. It sounds so crazy what I did. And my father told me, I filmed in Rome, I moved a 300 sq m restaurant built in a studio, I put it in two trucks, I brought it to Romania, I put it in a warehouse on which I rented and I can’t believe it’s here. That we brought this setting to this center, that these children will enjoy it and the story and the film. It’s a story about love, it’s a film for children, for all ages and it’s a film about love and that’s what I found in the Hospice centers. Lots of love. ”

Alex P: “It’s not the first time he’s helped us. Children need stories. Madalina gave us a story, a movie set, in which she played the main role and which fits perfectly with what we have here. I can’t wait to see the kids eating in the movie restaurant. “

The people from Hospice still need donations for the center from Adunaţii Copăceni, especially medical equipment for palliative care. Any help is welcome.

Madalina Ghenea: “I do this because I receive much more than I give. Paradoxically, I’ve rarely seen people so happy to see me. I rarely received such hugs. ”