Madalina Ghenea dropped her baby at the airport!

Nothing can stop Mădălina Ghenea from traveling. Not even the fact that she is the mother of a five-month-old baby who eats and sleeps at fixed times. Right, the star found the solution to be able to leave home with a child. She embarked on an airline flight to Genoa and as the journey lengthened to over five hours, the olteanca was forced to drop her little girl through the airport.

madalina ghenea airport child

Madalina left her little girl for a few minutes in the care of an airport employee

He improvised a crib on the seats in the waiting room and repeated the figure during the flight. Rested and nourished, the little girl enjoyed the dream view her mother showed her from the balcony of the luxury hotel, where they stayed.

madalina ghenea child italy

Mădălina is in Italy with her five-month-old daughter

Madalina Ghenea is in love with Matei Stratan, the son of tycoon Dan Stratan. The two became parents this spring, following a pregnancy that the star kept secret until the eighth month.