Madalina Ghenea, everything you may not know about her

There are those who have promoted it in full, thanks to the statuary physicist who does not go unnoticed, and those who have not been convinced because of a too marginal role (the valley, moreover, is the valley in Sanremo), but to the the day after the first evening of the 66th edition of the Festival, Madalina Ghenea is among the most cited on the web, for better or for worse. But who is the beautiful Romanian, half-known to most, who suddenly entered the homes of the loyal spectators of the Ariston?

Twenty-seven years, he made his debut as a model and then moved to advertising and TV.

Many know her thanks to movies The usual idiots is Razzabastarda, and the program Dancing with the Stars, In which he participated in 2011. The last time on the big screen was with Youth – Youth, film by Paolo Sorrentino, and in a few days we will also see it in Zoolander 2.

In Madalina's private life, two important loves. Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender. With the first she remained on excellent terms, with the latter a little less. If there is one that has never left her heart, Sophia Loren, her myth. These and other curiosities (all to be discovered in the gallery), on one of the female presences in Sanremo.