Madalina Ghenea exclusive: «Me and Boateng? I never knew him! Ronaldo is a good boy »

ROME – To understand how much the charm of Madalina Ghenea both at times even dazzling just wait for her as she gets out of the car and takes 10, 15 steps to get us into our newspaper office. In those thirty seconds of walking, the piazza stops and admires it. The looks of pedestrians and motorists block (dangerously) on her. It's a kind of magnet. And she never got used to this situation: «I receive many compliments and I get embarrassed every time», He recounted in an interview in the Corriere dello Sport web studios.

Madalina Ghenea at the Corriere dello Sport, the backstage

«FOR SORRENTINO I HAVING PASSED A VACATION» – Madalina is one very popular model and is also an attic for some years («A passion struck while I was in Haiti and continued pursuing the unparalleled myth of Sofia Loren»). We met her at the cinema ne "The usual idiots"and then in"Razzabastarda"next to Alessandro Gassman. Global success has come thanks to Paolo Sorrentino who chose her for an important role in "Youth"next to sacred monsters like Harvey Keitel is Michael Cane ( 'And before I had also acted with Jude Law, it was a magical moment. For Sorrentino I also missed a vacation I had already set for a long time but I did it with a smile on my lips and without thinking twice.»).

Madalina Ghenea: "That's why I decided to become an actress"

«STUPRO DI RONALDO? I DO NOT BELIEVE IT" – Like all the most beautiful actresses, the name of Madalina was inevitably associated with the gossip. She, however, laughs at us on: «I no longer notice, almost everything I read on those magazines is false. They got me engaged to players I've never seen in my life, like Boateng». With Cristiano Ronaldo instead, there was a business meeting during the advertising of a famous perfume: «I met him and he made a wonderful impression. The story of rape? I tell the truth, I don't believe it. Why did that girl wait all this time? It never happened to me but I would have denounced instantly», Said Ghenea.

Madalina Ghenea: «I like Loren? Comparison that embarrasses me »

«I HAVE ARRIVED THE DATE OF BIRTH» – There Ghenea also gave us many curiosities, like the one on his date of birth «modified by the first company for which I worked as a model on TV. They wanted the round number and therefore said that I was born on 8/8/88. The reality is that I came into the world a year before»Or the one about his perfect Italian who started learning as a child while he was still in Romania with i cartoons on Channel 5.

Madalina Ghenea: "They changed my date of birth"

«A FAMILY SOCCER PLAYER IN THE FAMILY» – The world of the ball he was part of his family life for a substantial period: «My father was a Dinamo Junior player, the team from my Christmas town. He was very good but after seven years he was injured and had to abandon his career». Different the path of the mother: «Now she is retired and helps me with my little daughter but she was a veterinarian and I still remember with pleasure when as a child I used to take care of the animals in the country».

Madalina Ghenea, true or false: "I tell you the hoaxes that run on me"

«IN 2019 YOU WILL SEE ME ON THE ALPS» – The campaign, already. The bucolic spirit that accompanied Madalena's life is the same as in the first film of Barry Morrow (Oscar winner for the screenplay of Rain Man, released just thirty years ago) that sees it as the protagonist. "All You Ever Wished For" it's a modern fairy tale for the whole family that sees, alongside the Ghenea, also many Italian and American actors, among which stand out Fabrizio Biggio, Remo Girone is Darren Criss. "It's a story set in the Alps and I had a lot of fun shooting in this extraordinary setting».

Madalina Ghenea: "Cristiano Ronaldo is a friend, I don't believe in the history of rape"

The film will be released in 2019 and tells the story of Rosalia, a country girl who lives in the green hills of Trentino Alto Adige where she runs an inn and where, kidnapped by a band of very clumsy mobsters, she also arrives Tyler, son of a New York fashion tycoon who had sent him to Milan for a deal with the hope that he would get passionate about work and decide to stay in the family business. Arrived in this village Tyler and his captors are victims of a spell that will be able to carry out extraordinary actions.

Madalina Ghenea denies the gossip: «Boateng? I've never met him in my life "

Madalina Ghenea: «In Rome I always come back willingly»