Madalina Ghenea shows all its bursting beauty. The actress became famous thanks to her participation in the film “Youth” of Paolo Sorrentino and for his memorable nude scene.

The sexy shot in costume [FOTO]

The weekly Who caught the beautiful Romanian actress on vacation with her new love, Vito Schnabel, a rich collector of works of art. Summer, you know, raises the temperature and causes love and passion to burst. But not only the summer, also the splendid one Madalina it increases the temperatures with its screaming physique and its explosive curves.

Photo credits: weekly Chi

Madalina Ghenea naked for Paolo Sorrentino: “I love the way she used my body”

Youth – Youth, the new film by Paolo Sorrentino, is among the three Italian titles in competition at Cannes Film Festival. Presented on May 20, the director trod the red carpet with his cast and part of the attention – this too was to be expected – was catalyzed by the 27 year old Madalina Ghenea. Enlisted as a destabilizing and private presence of the veils the poster of the film shows her, from behind and how mom made it, intent on being admired by Harvey Keitel and Michael Caine. The former Romanian model is delighted with this experience. He is not afraid that he will somehow label it, indeed he lives it as significant professional growth. And in fact it seems that it has also captured the attention of the most important international producers.

It is talked about a lot – declares from the pages of Il Messaggero – of that nude. But in my opinion there is something more interesting than my body in that image. There is a reason why the poster of the film represents me from behind: to make me look in the direction of the protagonists. The most important thing about that image is my gaze, not my lower back“. Oh my God, maybe not everyone thinks that way but so much. The important thing is to believe it, as they say.