Mădălina Ghenea falls asleep on her grandmother's method

Since she was born in secret in early April, Mădălina Ghenea has been involved in raising her daughter and Matei Stratan.

The actress does not want to lose any moment in the evolution of the little one, which she looks day and night and which she enjoys every day. Even if she was advised, like any fresh mother, not to get used to her baby, for the sake of her baby, Madalina does not take into account anything. How much can he spoil. And she keeps her up to her chest to reassure her whenever she needs it. Moreover, although it has everything it needs, including the latest technology, namely an electronic cradle, the star prefers not to laugh a little bit by the grandmother's method. More precisely, she swings her legs and sucks her!

He wants to walk his baby around the world

Since she was born, the artist has not stripped off the little girl. It's just that this month she already has a few commitments before she becomes a mother. So she will have to leave her little and lonely. Madalina did not hide the close relatives she had kept near her since she became a mother that she intended to take her baby after her all over the world to get used to the little one and the trips.

Keep the little name secret

Mădălina Ghenea was born in a private clinic on April 4, via caesarean, after no less than ten hours of labor.

"I live a miracle! It was a very difficult job, it lasted for hours, but it could not be otherwise. I cried how I never did it in my life, "the star confessed shortly after becoming a mother.

Since this important event has taken place in her life, the actress has completely changed her lifestyle. Not only did he come out of the house, but he even gave up on meetings with close friends. Both she and her lover, Matthew Stratan, keep the baby's name secret.

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