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The actress and model, whom we will soon see at the cinema in Dom Hemingway, poses exclusively for Grazia. Understand now how did you seduce stars like Gerard Butler and Jude Law? Read and watch

Madalina Ghenea

A couple of summers ago Madalina Ghenea was photographed in a bikini with Leonardo DiCaprio on the terrace of the actor’s house in Australia: “Leo and I have friends in common,” she said to deny the rumors of a flirtation.
A short time later the Romanian actress and model appeared alongside another Hollywood star, Gerard Butler.
The relationship is official and has lasted for over a year: between ups and downs (now we are in one of the low moments).
Now there is another man whom Ghenea has “seduced”. No, let’s not talk about the footballer Marco Borriello, the news about them as more or less clandestine lovers is just a hoax.
Let’s talk about the actor Jude Law instead, even if this time it’s a movie. In the black comedy Dom Hemingway, which will be released in theaters in early 2014, she is a fatal woman who breaks the heart of the safes burglar played by Law.

The 25-year-old actress is shooting the new season of the TV series in recent weeks The Borgias, which we will see on Sky in the autumn of 2014. Dom Hemingway it’s his first international set: “It was an incredible experience, I didn’t just have to act, I also sang,” he says. “My character does not belong to the category of coupons, it is the embodiment of cynicism. Burglar Jude Law, who came out of prison after 12 years, is purer and cleaner than she is. ”
In the part of the manipulator of men Madalina does not even identify herself a bit: “People don’t expect it, maybe they see me on a cover and think:” Seducing is his job “. But if you know me you understand it immediately, I am another thing. “

While I interview her, I discover that she is a determined girl, who puts success and career first. Love and men follow quite a distance. There is a trace of melancholy in his eyes, and I tell him. She claims that it is a characteristic of Eastern women, but perhaps it derives from her personal history: “I was born and raised in a small town in Romania, Slatina, when I was 14 I was forced to leave. At that time my father was not there and my mother was losing her home. I arrived in Italy alone, I didn’t even know the language. I started earning something in fashion and advertising, then cinema came. Everything is going well, but things don’t always go that way in life: my character in Gassman’s film (she was the protagonist in Razzabastarda, first directed by Alessandro Gassman, ed) talks about a Romanian who comes here looking for work and then ends up on the road ».

Fortunately for her, this was not the case. Leaving Romania he also found love, and what a love.
“It is the first time that I have been with a man much older than me (Gerard Butler is 44 years old, ed): I consider it a positive thing, I have a lot to learn from him ».

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