Madalina Ghenea, fear for her daughter Charlotte / Photo: “everything is fine now”

Madalina Ghenea heaves a sigh of relief after experiencing moments of fear. The model and actress, while not explaining in detail what happened, through a photo posted on Instagram, let it be known that she experienced a moment of fear for the daughter Charlotte. In fact, on her profile, Ghenea has published a photo in which she holds in her arms the little Charlotte who, on her arm, has a bracelet similar to the one you have when you are hospitalized. “Now everything is fine! Just a little scare ❤️ you are my SUPERHERO!, he writes Madalina Ghenea who thus received the solidarity of the fans moms, but also of the usual friends.


With the birth of Charlotte, Madalina Ghenea she finally feels a complete woman. In fact, her daughter Charotte is the piece that she lacked for her life to be perfect. “Charlotte was the piece I missed. Now I am complete»- he explained to Io Donna. Careful and in love with her little girl, Madalina describes herself as a mother: «I am considerate but Quiet. I’m learning about Charlotte and vice versa: beyond the maternal instinct, it is she who is teaching me many things. My daughter mi made it stronger and more secure, now I want to work more than before». Once the fear is over, Madalina returns to smile thinking again about the wedding with Matei Stratan, which is only postponed: “We had to get married, we had prepared all the documents including the medical certificate that is required in Romania for the wedding. When the two of us were going and the witnesses were unable to get married: the certificate had expired a day ago. From there we have not redone the documents, we have not found the time”He confessed to Cr4 – The republic of women.