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Did the flame of love between Mădălina Ghenea and Matthew Stratan disappear? That was the question that stood on everyone's lips after the tabloid press wrote that things would go wrong between Millionaire and Mădălina. Immediately, the actress acted and posted on her Instagram page the first statements related to this topic.

"The hardest way is to be alone, to do it yourself. But if you accept, you will become the most powerful ', Mădălina Ghenea posted last days, which raised many questions about her relationship with Matthew Stratan. Thus, the tabloid press began to speculate a rupture between the two, and more so, that the star would have moved to Italy and would have left the little girl in the country with Matthew.

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After seeing the news, Mădălina could not help but reacted, giving the first statements related to the subject. Visibly irritated it wrote on its Instagram page:

"On September 11, 2017, the Cancan.ro online publication published an article titled Mădălina Ghenea & the lover of the millionaire broke the engagement! CANCAN.com presents for the first time the clue of separation! '.

Besides the amount of new speculation about my private life, the text suggests that I would have left my baby for the moment in the care of other people, aiming to spend my own time abroad.

This extremely serious insinuation is contrary to the truth. My baby has grown constantly under my direct supervision with my mother's help. I dedicated my whole attention and understanding to support my daughter's growth and I can not even think of abandoning her oversight in favor of other people. I also did not go to Italy or anywhere else, my child being under my supervision in my home.

The blatant intent with which this insinuation was issued is obvious, as the journalist must know the provisions of art. 9 of the journalist's Code of Conduct, which emphasizes that the journalist intentionally distorting information, makes unfounded allegations (…) committing professional deviations of maximum severity.

I have always watched my child, never left him with a third person, and can not accept that such slander is being spoken to me.

Regardless of the number and intensity of untrue articles that will be published on my address, I will continue to do all my best efforts to hold accountability and legal punishment of defamation, free accusation, and ultimately, lack of of respect for the truth.

This is the only solution I find right for the time my daughter grows big and can read articles like this today – then I will be able to show that I have fought against the lie and I can urge her to do the same.

Madalina's message came with a photo of her and her little girl.

Photo: Instagram

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