Mădălina Ghenea gave up … She moved with his son "Mr. Cash "at the Palace!

Earlier this year we revealed how Matei Stratan tried to make Mădălina Ghenea happy by buying a super villa in the Capital (DETAILS HERE). After initially the actress refused to move alongside her boyfriend in the sumptuous building, the efforts made by his son "Mr. Cash "have reached the long-awaited result. (Best Laptop Deals) Mădălina Ghenea finally agreed to live in the palace where her lover invested a colossal amount, and CANCAN.RO, SITE NO.1 from ROMANIA, obtained proof of this . (READ OUT, THAT THE TRISTAN PUSHBUTTON IS DETERMINED BY "BIANCA DRĂGUŞANU")

Matthew Stratan has made considerable financial efforts to turn the Spring House into an enviable villa. Son of "Mr. Cash "moved last year to the property and went to work by investing colossal amounts of money in the arrangement of the building where he planned to live with his gorgeous girlfriend and daughter. (Console and gaming accessories)

If, initially, Mădălina Ghenea refused to move into the super-house of her lover, preferring to live with her little girl in her apartment, she now returned to better feelings. It seems that for some time the model has given up her boyfriend's insistence and decided to move to the gorgeous villa. (NOT RIGHT, HERE: THE "NOR" OF MILLION DORIN COCOCH IS OUT OF THE HOUSE WITH € 50,000 AT IT!)

The past days, CANCAN.RO, SITE NO.1 FROM ROMANIA, met Mădălinei Ghenea's mother, Constanţa, while walking her young couple on the pavement in front of the villa. The grandmother's role fits like a glove for Madalina's mother.

Constanza Ghenea is doing everything in her power to pamper her granddaughter. In the days when weather allows, Madalina's mother walks with the little girl in the streets near the villa where Matei Stratan invested a real fortune.(READ OUT: CHILDREN FROM A BUCHAREST GARDEN, "CUTTING" WITH TORT!)

"Princess" moved to the palace of Mr. "Mr. Cash"

Moments of tension between Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan

Last year, in September, CANCAN.RO, site no. 1 from Romania, announced that Mădălina Ghenea decided to take a "break" in the relationship with Matei Stratan. With the passage of time, the rupture seemed to accentuate. "You did not just deceive me, you cheated on us. You did not just break my heart, you destroyed our future ", Madalina wrote in November 2017, after finding out that her partner would have a love affair with Lola Astanova, considered the most sexy pianist in the world. (SEE HERE: SEPARATION INDICATORS!)

In January, Mădălina Ghenea continued with messages from which a mixture of jealousy and disappointment took place. "My life is like a romantic comedy. The only difference is that, in reality, it is not about love. I'm just laughing at my own jokes", He wrote, in the first instance, the model. And on January 22 he returned. She published a photo of Lost Astanova's pianist Instagram's profile, next to which she added a comment: "When your child's father appreciates all the pictures of another woman".

Last October, Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan went out to the city to take a romantic dinner. The evening started perfectly and everything seemed to be good between the two. Around 23:00 they left, they climbed into the car, but two streets later stopped suddenly, and they seemed to be fighting. (ALL DETAILS HERE)

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