Madalina Ghenea has become a mother

Madalina Ghenea has become a mother. The Romanian actress and model, famous in Italy for her role in the Paolo Sorrentino film “Youth” and for having participated as a small valley in Sanremo in 2016, gave birth in secret April 4 in a Bucharest clinic, as you know Vanity Fair.

And the first daughter for Madalina Ghenea and for companion Matei Stratan, and the first name it’s still top secret. Maximum privacy about the little girl, who is not even mentioned on the social profiles of the mother.

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The first months of gestation have not been easy, as the model revealed a few weeks ago in an interview: “I ended up in the hospital, I thought I’d lose it“It went fast with Matei: the first meeting, which took place in Bucharest thanks to mutual friends, and the pregnancy arrived in a year.