Mădălina Ghenea has decided to raise her baby girl in Italy Romanian, Celebrities

Ghenea arrived in Italy when she was only 14 years old. She quickly became accustomed to the life on the peninsula and liked the lifestyle so much that she wants the same for her daughter.

Although Charlotte is only 2 years old, her mother speaks a lot of Italian to her so she can learn the language before going to kindergarten, according to Libertatea.ro.

On the other hand, Madalina Ghenea does not want her little one to forget her roots, so she is careful to speak them in Romanian as well.

Thus, Charlotte will be able to interact easily with her father, but also with grandparents when they see each other.

If Medălina tries to familiarize Charlotte with Italian, the girl's father, Matei Stratan, used to speak only English when all three lived in Bucharest. He wanted Charlotte to be able to converse in this language from an early age.

English is not foreign to Madeleine Ghenea, who, five years ago, moved to the United Kingdom. Shortly afterwards, she returned to Milan, where she always receives jobs in the field of fashion and film.

Photo source: Northfoto

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