Mădălina Ghenea has used her face with her trips. She has already traveled through Europe

Atypical mother, actress and mannequin Mădălina Ghenea did not stay too much at home, nurse or change nappies. She preferred to adapt her baby to career progression, not vice versa, to adapt her child care arrangements. When Charlotte was two months old, she already honored the contracts signed before she was born!

Mădălina Ghenea celebrated her little girl. Rare images with Little Matt and Stratan

Many times, the little girl accompanied her not only through the country, but also abroad. The little one has a passport from a few months. And she was already taken by her mother in several major cities in Europe, where Mădălina had to be present at various film events or festivals. Charlotte was so far in London, where his father, Matei Stratan, has a villa, as well as several areas in Italy.

He falls asleep by the method of mourning

Charlotte is a very good little girl. She did not give her much to her mother, either at home or in their frequent journeys. That's because Mădălina learned from her mother and other experienced women around her all manner of methods that can be a little child. Including his grandmother's method of sleeping the children, Madalina adopted it and now implements it with Charlotte.

At a step of separation

But it's not all milk and honey in Madalina's life. The beautiful star has gone through just a few months after he was born. Then, because of jealousy, she and Matthew Stratan, Charlotte's father, were on the brink of separation. But they returned to better feelings, aware that their little girl needs both parents. When the little girl reached a year in April, they made a princess party right in the courtyard of the capital's capital where they live, and whose owner is Stratan.

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