Mădălina Ghenea, holiday with the little girl on an eight yacht …

Clearly Mădălina Ghenea was born under a lucky star! She is famous, married to a beautiful and young billionaire and is a fresh mum. In addition, just three months after the birth, the star looks impeccable.

The gorgeous Chilean and his lover, Matei Stratan, are enjoying a stay in Greece, on the island of Kythnos. The occasion where the two made a photo shoot with hot kisses.

And their little one had the first vacation of her life she spent on the grandmother’s 8 million euro yacht.

The vessel that Matei Stratan inherited from his father was built in 1902, and was owned by the British government in 1940-1945. Once it came into Dan Stratan’s possession, the businessman from Iasi turned it into a luxury boat. The yacht has 55 meters, 6 luxurious rooms and weighs 107 tons. The Stratan family never rented the boat.

For the first time, Mădălina released the image with her daughter and boyfriend. It is the only image in which the model showed her the upper part of the body, however, covering most of the face of the child with an emoticon. “All I have,” Madalina Ghenea told her virtual friends.

Over the years, Madalina Ghenea has only walked with famous men, such as Gerald Butler or Leonardo di Caprio. However, the Romanian Matei Stratan gave the former rivals a class regarding the zeros in the account. With a fortune estimated at 300 million euros, Matei Stratan is careful to pamper the brunette with absolutely everything she wants: from expensive clothes to diamonds.

Mădălina and Matei met in Bucharest, through mutual friends, and their love story evolved quickly: in no month of relationship, the two were preparing to become parents. Not even after a year of relationship, the two spoke openly about their marriage, much less about the baptism of the little one.

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