Madalina Ghenea "I am a peasant and I feel at home" / All you ever wished for: film-turning of the top model

At the Rome Film Festival also the Romanian actress Madalina Ghenea, a former model, former poster girl, former TV presenter, but above all an actress, from Paolo Sorrentino's Youth to the new All you ever wished for by Barry Morrow, screenwriter of Rain man. It is a fantasy set in the Alps where she plays a peasant woman: a beautiful girl who gives up her dreams to take care of her grandmother between cows and hay until she clashes with a gang of gangsters. Speaking of the role he plays, he explains in an interview with the newspaper "Il Giorno" that he grew up in the countryside with his veterinary mother and therefore had acquired experience of this kind of life.


And an important director like Barry Morrow like did you meet him? "In Haiti," he explains, "while we were both volunteers for earthquake victims." Former supermodel, in Sorrentino's film she appeared naked, here instead of a farmer, the definitive proof that she is not only a sexy doll but also a real actress: “I don't like seeing myself in that nude, but I appreciated the message of the film. The peasant of the new film also has a message: love in every form and color always comes ”. The Italian language, which speaks very well, says he learned it as a child watching Canale 5 cartoons ". Even with his daughter Charlotte, he explains, he speaks Italian, his favorite language: "Because Italy is my home". For the future he has a thriller on the field already filmed in Romania. he says.