Madalina Ghenea: "I am not so beautiful. If you see well I have imperfections"

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Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel, senior citizens at the spa hotel, he is the director of the other cinema director, are in the pool. And they look at it lost, without greed but lost, while she enters the water, the bewilderment of those who can no longer get back the most precious gift: youth.

You, Madalina Ghenea, in the film Youth by Paolo Sorrentino (competing yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival), he plays Miss Universe.

"There was no voyeurism, with them it was all natural and spontaneous. If anything, my father felt embarrassed when he saw my gaze in the movie poster ».

Forgive us: which look? His look, in the poster that stands out in posters all over Italy and in Cannes, is … his backside …
"I'll ask a question: where are Cain and Keitel looking at that moment?"

Madalina, they are looking at her beautiful backside.
"That's right, I represent youth, and I look at them in their eyes of eighty years old. One of the messages of this film, which changed my life with that scene, is the relationship between parents and children ".

Is it true that you send money to your family every month in Romania?
"They live in Slatina, a small industrial town dominated by the aluminum factory. Life is not easy with a salary of one hundred euros. Mom is a veterinarian, dad works in construction ».

When did you arrive in Italy?
Thirteen years ago, as a model. And it's also my role in Sorrentino's film. Thanks to fashion, I came to the cinema. But the models are full of complexes, nobody is interested in your opinion on any topic. And nobody can imagine that sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and you don't like yourself ».

She is reflected and …
I'm too tall, six feet. Then I don't like my legs and my belly, but it depends on the moments. If you see well, in a moment of the film I have pimples, ugly hair, I am badly dressed, I have physical imperfections and intelligence that you do not expect. I am not so beautiful if you see well, I have imperfections ».

We did not notice them, intelligence does: does not believe to take a good revenge when, in a predictable joke of a character in the film about the equation beauty = stupidity, he answers that the irony dyed in the poison conceals frustration?
Absolutely agree. Sorrentino used my body, now that I'm 27 and soon I won't be able to afford it, but that joke hides an idealistic concept. At the beginning my role was empty, then I was able to give it depth and I became a muse with the brain ».

Acting next to Jane Fonda?
There is a scene that I do not know if they have cut, the film I have not seen yet, in which she, in the role of an actress, says that as a young woman they asked her to play a lame. It happened to me four years ago, in my first film: The Usual Idiots ".

Now he wants to raise the bar.
I have been badly advised in the past for participation in films that fortunately I have not done. I have three good projects. I prefer small roles but important steps. We must protect ourselves in this environment and I can become bad. My dream is to work with Inàrritu, the director of Birdman, I'm obsessed with his films ".

At the festival there was the protest of 50 year olds who could not enter the gala because they wore dancers: what does the 12 heel war look like?
I don't understand a stupid controversy ».

Rather, there is the tragedy of the 19-year-old Turkish girl, Mutlu Kaya, who was shot in the head for her participation in a talent show in Istanbul.
A horrible thing, I miss the words, excuse me, I can't find them ».

How does your first time at Cannes look like an actress?
A blender. I don't like events and worldliness, yes I know they say so in many, but I'm sincere, I'm shy, I can't handle red carpets ».

We talk about her for her loves, more than for her actress tests. Michael Fassbender, Gerard Butler …
With Gerard I was a year and a half, I would call it a relationship. With Michael eight months. And in a society that consumes everything quickly, it doesn't seem to me a little ».

Prejudices about Romanians, have you ever experienced them in Italy?
Italy gave me everything, I arrived here with a letter of authorization from my parents for the fashion agency. I've never been a waitress, as the sites say. I am aware of the bad reputation of my fellow countrymen, but there are also many Romanians doing heavy work ».

Youth shakes the ghost of youth in a society that condemns to oblivion, in a country without memory. What are you afraid of losing?
The child in me. "

We wanted to ask her why she doesn't like her belly, but she's already flown on the red carpet.