Mădălina Ghenea: "I can not say that I consider myself a very beautiful woman"

"I can not even say that I consider myself very beautiful. I thank everyone who compares me with some of the most beautiful women in this world, women whom I admire very much and which I consider to be an example. But in my case, it's more ingredients. I do not see myself as wonderful as others see me. I was lucky, this is one of the main ingredients. It's important to make the right choices. Even if instead of 100 projects per year we have accepted only 10, these 10 have remained over time, "says Madalina Ghenea in the show" Refresh by Oana Turcu ".

The 29-year-old actress says she always wanted to have a baby and regrets she did not become a mother earlier.

"I have one regret, that I did not have a child at the age of 20. I've always wanted a baby and it seems to me that it's a little late now. I so badly wanted a baby that I even tried to adopt it at some point. It was a difficult task and I was scared. I was not standing. We had contracts, we hid the burden and worked, "Mădălina Ghenea confesses.

About her love for children, her professional life, but also her family, Mădălina Ghenea speaks during the show "Refresh by Oana Turcu" broadcast on Sunday from 17.00 to Antena Stars.

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