Madalina Ghenea, in Cannes a Romanian beauty "kidnapped" by Italy

In Sorrentino's latest film he represents ideal beauty, the embodiment of youth. "But it's not the most important thing …"

Milan – June 2015 – In Youth represents youth. Madalina Ghenea, 27 years old, Romanian by origin, but Milanese by adoption, former model turned actress, incredibly beautiful, leaves everyone with an open mouth in the new film by Paolo Sorrentino.

It was "kidnapped" by Italy, where he began his career as a model. Then he continued to to act in The usual idiots, in Bastard breed and in the TV series The Borgias. Now it's back on an Italian set.

After he changed the agent, today he has the same as Bellucci, the prospects have also changed. In Sorrentino's film he plays the "ideal" woman, the embodiment of youth.

Orgoliosa to be romena, in Cannes, Madalina wore one traditional shirt of your country of origin. Beauty, he admits, helped her, and how. "He took me to Cannes, and before that in the fashion world, so I'm grateful. But it's not the first place."

"I come – Madalina says – from a family with minimal salaries, but that is happy with simple thingsthe. After seeing Youth I hope the message is clear: embrace your parents and loved ones, give them everything you can give, because you don't know what life will bring you ".

Anna Balea