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How many times have you seen “Youth” so far and why do you cry every time you see it?

I saw him at TIFF for the sixth time. I cry because I relate a lot of things with certain moments in the film: the relationship between parents and children, the relationship of love between two people, the lost hugs, the past and the time we have. Being always on the road, from the age of 14, I sometimes feel that I lose these hugs with my parents, with the people I love … I am at an airport, with a suitcase, I arrive at a hotel, I am always alone … “Youth “It’s the movie that makes me send messages to my loved ones and tell them that I love them. The main character of the film is Timpul, and that is what he teaches me first.

Nicu Cherciu - madalinea ghenea

What was it like working with Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Jane Fonda?

I was on the set and when I didn’t shoot, to watch, learn, talk to them, listen to Michael Caine’s incredible stories. He is the best storyteller I have ever met. It’s so cute, funny and warm. He and his wife, Shakira, have somehow become my family. So does Harvey Keitel, their wife and son. They are very warm people.

What did you learn from them?

In the profession, I received many tips. I was reminded of Michael Caine’s advice: “It’s great that you played this role naked. It’s good, because it’s Paolo Sorrentino’s movie. But don’t strip yourself anymore. And if you still do it, be it for this level. You have to be an actress. I don’t know if anyone has told you this before, but I want to see you. ” This is an advice from an extraordinary man and a great compliment. I can say that I got wings and I think that this confidence brought me the lead role in the movie “Smitten!”, Directed by Barry Morrow, which won the Oscar for “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. It’s a great movie, which I can hardly wait to see.

Has it gone into post-production?

He is still working on it. It’s not ready, but we have a 10-minute teaser at the Ischia Film Festival, where I really wanted to be, because it’s the festival where it all started for me. That’s where the journey into the movie world began.

You also had the opportunity to work with Jude Law in “Dom Hemingway” … How was it?

It was my first film with actors of this caliber, I was a little scared, I was scared at every step. I even had moments when I wanted to make a hole in the ground and disappear. It’s normal somehow, because I don’t have artistic roots, I don’t have anyone in the family who did theater or acting. I have a mother who dreamed of me as an artist, she took me to the Slatina School of Arts and said: “Do ballet and a little piano”. I didn’t excel at anything, I was never talented at anything, but that was her desire. And in times more difficult for us, in the family, all the money was for the dresses of Madalina who went to do not know what course. She, my mother, believed in me.

Nicu Cherciu - madalina ghenea

Is your life the scenario you dreamed of playing?

Wow … There are times I would like to delete them. But I am who I am because of them. When I gave proof for Paolo Sorrentino’s film it was the scariest moment of my life.

Do you mean the period you were going through or the casting itself?

At the time I was going through. Casting was normal. I put my soul and I believed in that character. The director asked me to play an empty woman from all points of view. Physically, mentally, spiritually. An empty character. I prepared almost all the tests I gave with a very good friend. She was coming with me and waiting for me outside. It turned out to be a kind of lucky charm. When I was preparing for the “Youth” test I was thinking: why be an empty character? I thought he had something to say. I filmed the scene and did the exact opposite of what Paolo asked me. I tried a character that has something to say. Of course he looked a little crooked at me. He told me that no one would contradict him or tell him what to do. I went back to the third trial, rewrote the character and gave him a few more scenes. Some parts were cut. There was also a love story between me and a character, but I finally gave up.

In “Youth” love is compared to riding a bicycle. “You learn to ride and when you enjoy the fall, because you forget to brake.” And this happened? To fall, because you forgot to brake?

Yes, it is the perfect description of my life! I fall in love and throw myself … I press on those
ration, I see that I go to a wall, but the feeling is so beautiful that …

… that you don’t want to brake anymore …

Yes. Then I shake my head against all the walls, I get up and fall in love again. This is Mădălina.

Don’t we all do that?

That `s what I believe as well. But in general, the world does not want to look and I think it is wrong to put in the idea of ​​perfection. Perfection means finding someone for life, but unfortunately not all of us are so lucky.
Then, we hit all the walls, we fall, we get up and we take it from the end. That doesn’t mean you have to stop at a man who doesn’t love you. Not. I respect people who love.

Do you love now? You are in love?

Yeah, I’m always in love.

Of whom?

Life, acting, my parents, beautiful people …

How do you see love?

In love forget about yourself. Forget about pressing the brake …

What qualities do you want the man next to you to have?

Emotional intelligence, first of all. It is the most important quality from my point of view.

What were your lessons from romantic relationships?

From my last relationship I left because we didn’t want to breathe the same air. I needed my beautiful music, tea-
tru and artists. It’s nice to love and be in love, but not to give up your dreams. I worked 14 years for them, away from home. From the outside, everything seems easy, but it is not easy to stay away from home. And I also learned to say “No”. I think “No” is more important than “Yes” in life. The most important step in a career is to say “No”. To give up some things that can help you financially, for artistic projects … I gave up money to make beautiful projects. And in love you must know how to say “No”. It is the most important. To choose.

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