Madalina Ghenea is (again) in love

Madalina Ghenea he found his smile again. After the turbulent end of the brief relationship with Philipp Plein. At his side there is now a new man. And the "couple debut" is on the streets of Ischia, where she is a guest ofIschia Global Fest.

The two lovebirds have been immortalized hand in hand, both in white, and on the face of the actress there is a smile not seen for a long time. The story would be fresh, just started three weeks ago. The clues, moreover, Madalina had left them via social media.

The photo of a coffee brought to bed along with a red rose, a man's embrace, his hands crossing. But the mysterious man's face had always remained hidden.

Now we can reveal to you that it is Matei Stratan, 32 year old Romanian just like the actress. Matei, as the newspapers in Bucharest tell us, studied between London and the United States, only to return to live at home. His family's assets are estimated at around 200 million euros.

The first meeting would take place in a club in the capital, to present some friends in common. Since then, Madalina and Matei they are inseparable. And before they landed in Italy, they spent a few days together in Greece.

The story with the German designer, which lasted only a couple of months, has been left behind. The initial passion, in fact, was burned quickly. And in early May, Madalina has nothing left but to eliminate the love photos together and delete i tattoos twins from her body. But he didn't have to wait long for love.