Madalina Ghenea is also a sensation in Italy.  Dream vacation in Sardinia

The model is currently spending a short holiday in Sardinia. The 31-year-old Romanian has been living in Italy for a long time, she rarely returns to Romania. She has a career there, she is known by many designers, she is the image of an important jewelry brand, all Italians know her.

The model is now enjoying a short holiday in Sardinia. That’s where she impressed, everyone present turned her head after her. She arrived at the beach dressed in a summer dress, but when she undressed…

Madalina Ghenea appeared in a simple two-piece swimsuit, but she attracted all eyes, both men’s and women’s.

At 31 years old, the gorgeous Romanian woman has an enviable figure, perfect shapes that she is proud to show at the beach, but also in the photo sessions for international magazines. A generous bust, toned abdomen, long, toned legs is like a goddess.

She has fully recovered after being born three years ago, she has a perfect figure, also writes!

Madalina Ghenea gave birth to a baby girl on April 4, 2017. The star wanted to give birth naturally, but after a torturous labor, the doctors advised her to resort to cesarean section.

“I live a miracle! It was a very difficult labor, it lasted for hours, but it could not be otherwise. She is a very good girl. I cried like I never did in my life, “said Madalina.

The pregnancy was not an easy one, so the new mother experienced intense emotions during the eight months. “At last my greatest wish is fulfilled, I have found the peace we all seek. It’s great to find the warmest home in your partner, wherever you are. It’s my dream to show her the world “, the model for declared years ago.