Madalina Ghenea is preparing for the baptism of little Charlotte

Although they have often argued in recent times, it seems that Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan have left the scandals aside and are preparing for the baptism of little Charlotte, writes Click.

Madalina Ghenea is disappointed with the way the press perceives her. The model told a TV station that she would like to be an example for her daughter who is growing up and sees her mother on TV, wrongly judged. In recent times, Ghenea has been through numerous scandals with her lover, Matei Stratan, but now it seems that the two have regained their peace. The great reconciliation took place a few weeks ago.

Mădălinei Ghenea's relationship with Matei Stratan had many ups and downs. It all started when Mădălina was suddenly shaken by her lover in public.

After that episode, reconciliation followed, but the happiness didn't last too long. Ghenea learned that her daughter's father had cheated on her. For the model followed a difficult period, with sleepless nights.

According to, sources close to the couple claimed at the time that there was a definitive break between Mădălina and Matei. Moreover, in the world press they talked about the fact that the two negotiate terms in which the father can see his daughter.

Again together, Mădălina Ghnenea and Matei Stratan seem happier than ever. They hug each other in public and take full advantage of each other's time.

Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan spend their free time in exotic places. The press writes that the two had escaped to Greece, where Stratan's father owned a yacht that belonged to the British royal family.

Matei's father, Dan Stratan, is one of the top millionaires in Romania who has been enriched by business with the state, as revealed by the press. Extremely discreet, mr. Cash, as it is called, was Sorin Ovidiu Vântu's right hand.

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