Madalina Ghenea is sexy even in expectation

Madalina Ghenea, the model who participated in Sanremo 2016 alongside Carlo Conti, Virginia Raffaele and Gabriel Garko, is pregnant. Expect her first child from boyfriend Matei Stratan, the 32-year-old millionaire entrepreneur with whom she has been together for just over a year, and is more beautiful and radiant than ever. To give the happy announcement was herself through a photo uploaded on Instagram. This is the cover of a magazine, in which it appeared wonderful with the baby bump on display. It is already in the eighth month but, despite this, it had managed to keep the news hidden until a few days ago.

Now, it seems he can no longer do without to post shots that show her body modified by pregnancy. For example, recently she has been immortalized completely naked for a service published on OK magazine. Madalina brings her hands to her belly and wears only a fiery red scarf that covers her breasts, combined with the flower that decorates her flowing hair. Although her perfect physique has now changed due to the sweet expectation, Ghenea remains beautiful and sensual.

The thing that you can’t help but notice it is her radiant face, a symbol of the fact that she desired that pregnancy so much that she considered it a miracle. Before meeting Matei, she always believed that she would become a mother by adopting children, but once she met the man in her life, everything changed. Today, he is finally turning that dream into reality and he couldn’t be happier.