Madalina Ghenea, license to "cuccare"

Madalina Ghenea, which has gained notoriety on the pages of news reports, has scored another respectable hit: Gerard Butler, Scottish actor with whom she was found on the Côte d'Azur by the photographers of Vanity Fair.

In the beginning it was Leonardo Dicaprio to capitulate at the feet of the beautiful Madalina, then followed by another illustrious name in Hollywood, Adrien Brody; now it's over in the network the sex symbol Gerard Butler, as recalled by the photos of the our scoop. A booty, Madalina's, truly enviable. What are the reasons of such good luck in love is not given to us to know, of course it is that, from his, the Romanian model has a lovely personal, enhanced to the maximum by some fashion cunning, which we recapitulate here.

Rule number one: silhouette in evidence, possibly wrapped in a mermaid long dress or marked at the waist by belts that emphasize an ultra slim circumference.

Rule number two: focus on the décolleté, plunging necklines, or heart, are essential in the Madalina wardrobe.

Rule number three: legs in sight! Hardly the model dares too daring minis, or very small measures for her clothes, but the slits are her passion; a little Angelina Jolie, a little Marlene Dietrich, plays discovering the statuesque legs, citing mise that they made history.

Rule number four: measured dancers and heels; in her daytime outfits, when dresscode does not require vertiginous heels, the model, which is six feet tall, opts for low-heeled shoes and contained stilettos, thus focusing on the diva effect next door.

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