Madalina Ghenea loves the son of one of the rich people of the world
  • Why is Microsoft President Bradford Smith coming to Romania? (II)

    Microsoft President Bradford Smith and the tyranny of corruption in Romania. Vice President Joe Biden's admonition to Bradford Smith: "No Romanian, like any American, is above the law"

  • The "History" channel sends 25 history books to 25 high schools. Among the titles, volumes signed by: Ioan Aurel Pop, Florian Bichir, Neagu Djuvara and Lucian Boia

    The "History" channel sends 25 books on history to 25 high schools in the country. Among the titles selected are volumes by Ioan Aurel Pop, Florian Bichir, but also Neagu Djuvara or Lucian Boia

  • Tarom's new general manager parking for the disabled!

    There are still a series of disclosures about TAROM's new boss, Valentin Gvinda, urgently put by Razvan Cuc in place of Madalina Mezei, who publicly denounced how the minister asked him to keep the aircraft on the ground so that the parliamentarians could not vote the censorship motion against The Dancila government, which was dismissed for refusing such a criminal request, Ziuanews came in possession of some stunning photos.

  • She is Denisa "pupila" of the minister Razvan Cuc from the CA of the CN Bucharest Airports for which she fought with a pilot to whom he filed a file

    Transport Minister Razvan Cuc came into the spotlight after asking TAROM's general manager to keep the aircraft on the ground at the country's airports, so that the parliamentarians did not arrive in Bucharest in time to vote on the censorship motion. The scandal is so great that Viorica Dancila sent the control body to the ministry, and a criminal complaint was filed by TAROM director Madalina Mezei against Minister Cuc.

  • Madalina Mezei, the director dismissed from Tarom: Cuc made me identify the parliamentarians on board and cancel the races!

    Tarom's resigned director, Mădălina Mezei, made press statements in which he revealed how he was ordered by Minister Cuc to keep planes on the ground on the day of the censorship motion.

  • Ziuanews is filming! Razvan Cuc lies in frosty waters. He met Mezei one night before voting on the motion. Here's the proof!

    Ziuanews revealed in the premiere yesterday that Minister Razvan Cuc had asked Tarom's general manager Madalina Mezei, one night before voting the censorship motion, to detain the planes that took off from the cities of the country to Bucharest, so that the parliamentarians could not vote. . The result was that he dismissed the Mezei because he did not want to execute his order.

  • At ANAF, directors like the treadmill on the last hundred meters of the Dăncilă government: The Treasury has taken out 66 posts of heads

    ANAF has competed 58 positions of directors within the regional administrations, including regional directors, legal directors, collection directors, internal services and heads of county tax administrations.

  • Guess Who's Back! Dragnea challenges the prison sentence received in the Fictitious Employees file

    Liviu Dragnea has filed an appeal for annulment at the sentence of 3 and a half years of imprisonment received in the file of the fictional employers from the Teleorman Child Protection. The annulment appeal appears registered on the portal of the High Court of Cassation and Justice today, 18.10.2019.

  • Sorina Matei drops the bomb: Judge behind which is a large network of clans interloped. Is this about Tudoran from the Criminal Section of the Bucharest Court of Appeal ?!

    Terina disclosures of journalist Sorina Matei: "The clans get angry, they grab all their foam, they start filing, recording, photographing the judge, and they give him everything he receives … Fi'su was another terrible fraud, used also in Justice, the judge collected money with ruthlessness, wealth, luxury houses on the platform from the interlopers who paid him … He panicked badly, suddenly gives up his resignation from the magistracy. He is admitted to the mad hospital ".

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