Mădălina Ghenea made an unexpected decision! The reason why he no longer comes to Romania – capital.ro

Due to the general situation caused by a possible coronavirus epidemic, Mădălina Ghenea decided, at the last moment, to cancel her meetings with the Romanian public, at the special screenings of “Follow”, the first Romanian film in which he plays, the feature film debut of Dorian Boguță.

Why he made this decision

In order to make things safely for everyone, he considered it the most prudent choice, given that in Romania there are additional measures for those coming from Italy (in her case, Milan), which also include isolation. volunteer at home for 14 days.

It will be replaced by a projection

The actress would very much like to be present in person at the gala screenings of the first Romanian film in which she plays and talk to the public, but will convey a special message, exclusively, to those present at the special screenings scheduled on 4 and March 5 (at Baneasa Grand Cinema & More, respectively at Cinema City AFI Cotroceni). Mădălina Ghenea hopes that everyone who will watch the movie in theaters, starting March 6, will be greeted with the same warmth as the spectators of the March 2 preview, in Iasi.

A special screening in its presence will be scheduled at the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), which will take place between May 29 and June 7, in Cluj-Napoca.

The movie enters theaters March 6.

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