Madalina Ghenea mamma: the daughter of the Romanian actress was born

The Easter stork has arrived: Madalina Ghenea is a mother of a little girl who came into the world last 4 April 2017 in a clinic in Bucharest, but the news spread only in the last hours. The name of the child is still top secret, while the father is the entrepreneur Matei Stratan, compatriot of the Romanian actress who became famous with the film Youth – Youth and then with the participation in the role of valletta at the Sanremo Festival 2016, the second by Carlo Conti. Madalina Ghenea had announced the pregnancy only at the beginning of March, when her belly could no longer be hidden.

"The most beautiful joy. An immense light. A love that sweeps you and warms you all around. The best moment of my life. I cannot fail to share it here with you, who show me great and constant affection every day. Welcome baby, "he wrote Madalina Ghenea on Instagram announcing the birth of his first child.


Madalina Ghenea and Matei Stratan they've been together for just under a year. The two officially debuted as a couple at the Ischia Global Fest 2016, where the actress was invited to attend the screening of the first images of Smitten !, the first directorial work of Barry Morrow, former screenwriter of Rain Man. previous days Madalina had already presented the new boyfriend to his many followers by publishing several images on social media.


We recall that before Stratan the fickle Ghenea, a woman of fulminant beauty (for those who look at her), had collected numerous VIP boyfriends such as Kevin Prince Boateng, Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender is Philipp Plein. But it was the 33-year-old entrepreneur who dulled all of them, perhaps using the common Romanian origins (which Madalina has always claimed with extreme pride).

Madalina Ghenea mom it is a dream that came true when the actress perhaps no longer hoped for it, although she was only 28 years old: "It is a real miracle", she wrote on Instagram alluding to the difficulties she had to overcome in the first months of pregnancy and that they had put the health of the fetus at risk. It was in fact precisely the danger of losing the child during gestation the reason why Ghenea announced she was pregnant only at the eighth month, when by now the risk had been averted And now that the baby is born, healthy and in perfect health, it is right that mom and dad enjoy it as they deserve!