Mădălina Ghenea posed for the first time with her daughter: "Doctors have ensured I will not have children" PHOTO

It is the first time Mădălina Ghenea shows the world to Little Charlotte, which she has with the millionaire Matei Stratan, in the number that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Elle magazine in Romania.

On the cover, Mădălina has a sexy appearance in a black, black briefcase that shows her body unaffected by pregnancy and puts her shoulder strap and long legs high while she holds her little girl in her arms.

The actress told Elle that the doctor had warned her that she could not have children and confessed she had gone through a difficult task.

"I was in the best moment of my professional life, I was presenting Sanremo, playing my first major role in an English film, moving to Los Angeles, working nonstop, and appearing, my wonders so desirable. I say good luck because the doctors assured me that I will not have children. I had a terrible task, but I figured every day that after all those pains, I'll hold her up. I hid the burden of fear not to lose it, I hid it from my mother, "said Madalina Ghenea.


The tabloid press wrote on several occasions that Mădălina Ghenea broke up from her father's father, Matei Stratan, the son of the tycoon Dan Stratan. A few days ago, the actress had posted a message in which she understood that he had cheated on her: "You just did not cheat on me, but we both cheated on you. Not only did you break my heart but destroyed our future. "

However, in the face of the photo with her daughter posted on Instagram, Mădălina wrote: "We are so glad to introduce our angel, Charlotte! Mădălina & Matei ", which raises questions about a possible reconciliation.

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