Mădălina Ghenea pregnant in 8 months: "I thought I would hide my pregnancy forever"

In these days when women are celebrated, Madalina received a bouquet of white tulips and a cake from her lover Matei Stratan.

"My favorite flowers and my favorite cake! Thank you, my dear! I thought I'd hide my pregnancy forever. Eight months of hiding my little friendship, my little breakdance professional dancer I only feel, hitting my liver non-stop. I am so happy and so proud to show my belly at last. I'm a woman! I'm creating a man! I become a mother! Pregnant women are gods with swollen legs and stomach burns, "wrote the star on Instagram.

The two have not yet decided on a name, but there is already a rather long list of options. Mădălina told her that she had a very heavy pregnancy, so she experienced intense emotions throughout the eight months, but one thing was always certain: the two wanted a very child.

"At last my greatest desire is fulfilled, we find the peace we all seek. It's great to find the warmest home in your partner wherever you are. In May-June I will have three contracts, and she will be with me. As soon as we can, we'll start traveling. It is my dream to show the world, "Mădălina Ghenea told Elle.ro.

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