Mădălina Ghenea, RADICAL DECISION after confessing that she has problems in the CUPLU life: "I decided to …"

Just a few days after Mădălina Ghenea revealed she had big problems on the sentimental plane and that the couple's life with Matei Stratan is not the way she wants, the star has made a decision that will enjoy her admirers. The star is affected by seeing her father's child appreciate all the photos of a pianist, informs Spy News.

Mădălina Ghenea today received an emotional message on a social network. He decided to make it public, and from now on he will do it every day to thank everyone who supports her.

"I've decided to post your messages daily. Thank you wholeheartedly for your support! We are 602,000 Thank you! ", is the message written by Mădălina Ghenea.

"I've been thinking of you and your soul lately and I want to tell you that you are, you see that you are a wonderful man I admire, not just for your beauty because it will pass once, but for what you are in. It's precious. Take a while, run to the mirror, look and look to see who a wonderful person you are. I like to watch you and I love it. I felt like writing you this from man to man. Take care of your soul and feed it with good and healthy thoughts. To Love You ", is the message Mădălina Ghenea received from a person who admired her.

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