Madalina Ghenea, ready for Sanremo Ten things you may not know about her
Madalina Ghenea (photo KIKA).

Tlet's act short on what you will not have missed: Madalina Ghenea it is Romanian. She started as a model and became known thanks to an advertisement with Raoul Bova and Teresa Mannino. Has participated in dancing with the Stars and then she became an actress thanks to the Usual Idiots. She went on to series A by acting in Youth – Youth by Paolo Sorrentino. He had a flirt with Leonardo DiCaprio and two other Oscar boyfriends: Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender. Now you can get to know her better: from 9 February will enter the homes of Italians alongside Carlo Conti on the Sanremo stage. But, meanwhile, here are some clues.

1) She was born in Slatina, like Eugène Ionesco, the father of the Teatro dell'Assurdo ("And for sure my life has a lot of absurdity" he admitted with I am a woman. "I come from a place where everything revolved around the aluminum factory, there was real poverty, and for me the smell of oranges still has a psychological value, it means Christmas").

2) The brother has been her father and mother and as lullaby recited the poems in honor of Ceausescu ("I was born in 1988, just before the regime fell, and my parents earned the equivalent of 200 euros a month in two. Dad, who had started as a footballer but then he is injured, he had to go to work in Israel for nine years and his mother, a veterinarian, was never home »).

3) The ballet school was his second home ("The teacher's husband was a painter and so I took drawing lessons, but also singing and piano").

4) At school they gave her two nicknames: "giraffe" and "Olivia", like Braccio di Ferro's girlfriend ("I was too dry and too tall, 1 meter and 80. I wore two pairs of trousers – one on top of the other – to mask the defects"). On the other hand, they recruited her into the basketball team.

5) Believe in numerology: 8-8-88 was born, and 8 is also the symbol of the infinite … ("From the great-grandparents onwards, there was this" esoteric "side in the family. Grandma, blonde with blue eyes, was a little witch").

6) He has a passion for chess ("As a child I used to play with my father, and this has accustomed me to always think ten moves forward").

7) Collect tarot cards (even if he is not going to have his cards read).

8) In 2011 it came out of a period of malaise and depression thanks to the director (Oscar winner) Paul Haggis, founder of the NGO Artists for Peace and Justice, who invited her to Haiti to lend a hand ("I made myself useful, but I received the greatest advantage: I was downsized").

9) The favorite book is Bleep – but what bip do we really know?. The subtitle reads: Discover the infinite potential to change your daily reality ("Explain how, by changing the nature of thoughts, you can change situations: the more positive you are, the better things get. You tighten up, it's the teaching my mother gave me: you must do good to receive good").

10) He loves animals as a child ("We lived in the country and sometimes my mother took me with her when she went around doing vaccinations")

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