Madalina Ghenea, rehearsal of marriage: look at the splendor in a white dress

The actress tries on wedding dresses in Naples and it’s a marvel: with her is her boyfriend Matei Stratan, a Romanian billionaire and she has eyes only for him

Madalina Ghenea, what a bride! Here she is beautiful while doing wedding rehearsals and wearing a wonderful white dress on the streets of Naples. The love with Matei Stratan, Romanian billionaire, is stronger than ever and she couldn’t look more radiant than that – PHOTO | WHEN THE VIDEO WAS WITH PHILIPP PLEIN | ALL THE VIDEOS

Madalina Ghenea has a new boyfriend: she is the Romanian millionaire Matei Stratan – READ | PHOTO | VIDEO

BRIDE YES, BUT … – Madalina is the brand’s testimonial Vanitas and she wears fairytale clothes (which are sexyssimi on her). But, and this is the news, with her there was … the boyfriend was the only presence that mattered, so much so that the actress was almost forgetting the photographers present for the shooting. And if this is not an indication of a love that is booming and wedding very close …

Madalina Ghenea and Philipp Plein, when they posted their love stunts on social networks – READ | PHOTO | VIDEO

THE RIGHT MAN FOR HER – Madalina had wanted to present the new love to everyone at the Ischia Global Fest, in July. Madalina and Matei had arrived hand in hand, both beautiful and smiling. Love at first sight had been in Bucharest, accomplices of mutual friends, and Madalina chose well in love, beauty and wealth in one fell swoop: the patrimony of Matei’s family is estimated at around € 200 million and he, as befits all offspring, studied between London and the United States.

Madalina Ghenea, her sexy looks – READ | PHOTO | VIDEO