Madalina Ghenea: «Respect for Ronaldo»

No one wants to believe the idea of ​​a Cristiano Ronaldo rapist. While waiting to know the truth, the Mayorga case does not seem to trigger the wave of complaints called for by the lawyer for the girl who claims to have been raped by CR7 on 13 June 2009.

If the lawyer Leslie Stovall he hoped to turn the Juventus player into a football Harvey Weinstein, the plan is failing and the image of Ronaldo seems to master the impact with the biggest scandal of his life. For example, a Romanian model and actress has supported him since yesterday Madalina Ghenea, after the honey words of Raffaella Fico, ex-girlfriend of CR7, who yesterday reiterated her confidence in Cristiano Ronaldo, while she was a guest of Domenica Live on Barbara d’Urso: «From my personal point of view the story is not credible. Ronaldo is a simple person and he is a gentleman, at least he was with me. I am perfectly aware that rape is something devastating for a woman. But precisely because of this, why did this girl wait ten years to report him? (Kathryn had filed a complaint for the alleged rape, but had not named Ronaldo as a potential author)».

Add the Fig: "For me he is a good boy, but I stress that I am not a lawyer and I express this opinion without direct interest. Remembering violence after ten years is even worse, because it means reliving with pain and drama. Because it is true that violence brings it with you for life. Certainly it is particular that the complaints arrive after ten years, it can revive that suffering ".

Moreover, after the anonymous report in the hours following the crime, in front of the lawyer, the name of Cristiano Ronaldo returns immediately to Mayorga, also because he is asking for compensation of about 500 thousand euros and must reach the right address.

Ghenea, on the other hand, is not a former of CR7, but has known it very closely and told it in an interview granted to Vanity Fair, reiterating concepts similar to those expressed by Fico.

"It seems incredible. I shot the commercial for a perfume with him and he seemed to me to be a healthy man, dedicated to the family, he even helped me to raise funds for my association. I respect him a lot. If he tried it? Nah. He arrived on the set, we shot four hours, and he left. A gentleman ».

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