Madalina Ghenea said who helps her most in raising her daughter: “I should make her a statue.” What confessions he made about Matei Stratan

Mădălina Ghenea recently gave an interview in which she spoke about the most important role she received seven years ago: the mother. The star said of little Charlotte that she was the only one missing in her life to make her feel like a complete man. The confessions made by the actress again drew attention to her relationship with Matei Stratan.

29-year-old Mădălina Ghenea revealed that she is the person who helps her enormously in raising and educating her daughter. It’s her mother, Constanta Ghenea. Of course, the star said that his father, Dumitru Ghenea, also gives him a helping hand.

During the interview, the actress confessed that the job offers, including the roles in the upcoming films, carefully analyze them and make the decision to fully thank her, given that she does not want to stay too long away from Princess Charlotte.

“I considered myself a strong woman, but now I am even stronger. And at the same time more sensitive and vulnerable. (…). I was missing, this is the only thing I needed to be a complete man. I do not know what I would do without her (n.r .: mother), she helped me and helped me enormously. I should make him a statue. (…). She helps me a lot with the little girl, she advises me. Okay, mine, and Dad. When I leave with my little girl, I’m not good. (…). I can not make a program, do it according to it (…) ”, told Mădălina Stratan in the show “Talk to the World”.

The star spoke about her daughter, Charlotte, her career, her parents, but did not say a word about Matthew Stratan – nor did he say his name. These details have led many to believe that, however, Mădălina Ghenea would not have overcame the infidelities of her little girl’s father, who had been talked about lately. The actress’s statements came after yesterday she wrote a message in which things seemed to be on the right track.

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The beautiful actress became a mother for the first time on April 2, 2017. Her daughter with Matei Stratan was named Charlotte – her first name was chosen by the young millionaire.