Madalina Ghenea | Sanremo 2016 | Photo

Madalina Ghenea, her five evenings in Sanremo 2016.


Final evening also for Madalina Ghenea which crowned his dream, as he also told La Vita in Diretta: no, it is not conducting the Festival, but meeting Cristina D'Avena. Goal achieved. Will they duet together?

First descent at 9.25pm. Sparkling dress with a dizzying slit. He does something he never does: thanks Conti. And this time it also gives him a kiss.

Change in red at 10.50pm: "Anyway I wanted to say that my name is Madalina, not Maialina or Maddalena, Magdalina …". Yes, said Maialina ….

The third dress is practically identical to the others: large slits, crystals and deep necklines. Then try to cover yourself with the ad cards. But what's the point?

Sanremo 2016, Quarta Serata: Madalina Ghenea in nude look and colored ribbons

Also in the fourth evening of Sanremo 2016 Madalina Ghenea goes down from the 'monumental' staircase of the Ariston. Even tonight with a feathered dress, but this time white and very sloppy. He says something incomprehensible before launching Caccamo-Iurato and is liquidated by Conti. Ed enra soo at 21.42.


The second change of clothes is at 11.10 pm: it comes down with a long lamè dress, on which a gag (very sad) starts on the Ghenea so shining that it requires Conti to wear sunglasses.

"You look like a mirror ball, those pal … the disco balls"

says Conti, who will be distracted with his side B.

And when you go to read the launch of the next champions the Ghenea seems terrified: "Excuse me if I'm wrong the verbs, if I don't speak Italian well … I apologize".

Tender, yes, but it is not the Italian that lacks. And the excuses in these cases are not necessary, however much they may be. Conti goes to his aid:

"Don't worry: a few years ago a great man gave us a great lesson by saying 'If I make a mistake you will corigete'".

Well, Conti is not exactly the same thing.

Perhaps to redeem this particularly dull evening (or perhaps to regain everyone's attention), after midnight Madalina Ghenea appears with rainbow ribbons on her wrist and a nude-look blue lace dress.


A touch of color suited us well.

Sanremo 2016: Madalina Ghenea low-cut announcer Rai (and Conti touches side B)

A debut "from the bottom": in the third evening of Sanremo, Madalina Ghenea makes its entrance from the audience, escorted by Gabriel Garko. A choice that the Romanian actress tries to explain to the public, without being too credible:

I wanted to thank Carlo. I wanted to do something different. The other nights he took me down the stairs, tonight made me climb the ladder. It's more difficult.

For its release with an amazing red dress that finally emphasized its beauty with dignity, Madalina Ghenea he replied Nicole Kidman's mossette asking Conti to come up and get it. Hopping, the conductor performed.

madalina ghenea sanremo 2016 third evening 2

The red dress of Madalina Ghenea, just before the performance of Irene Fornaciari, unleashed a roar from the audience: as far as Carlo Conti, to take her back to the scenes, he would have touched the B side, not taken up by the cameras. But the sonorous "ooooh" of the Ariston said much more than we could see …

Callback during the sketch of the Salamoia spouses, Madalina Ghenea he did the best the role of the splendid comedian who charms everyone. Well beautiful it is beautiful. But why always make it pass for ornament?


The trend has not changed with the last outfit: Ghenea took the elevator, as Mrs. Salamoia suggested, and is descended from the stairs with a very long train. So many inserts and asymmetric cuts, with palazzo pants I see-not-see that Enzo Miccio comments with a tweet.

A black and white dress, then, for Ghenea, perfect for introducing Enrico Ruggeri who sings a Neapolitan cover. In short, he goes down to cross the stage and shake the train. And evoke Juve-Napoli.


But the moment 'announcer Rai' is memorable: they have her announce a documentary on Rai 5 and the live of the Brit Awards.

Sanremo 2016 the second evening of Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Ghenea

made his entrance on the stage of the Ariston Theater from Sanremo, around 10pm. This time, the Romanian actress and model has staked everything on the neckline and the public has appreciated.

These were his first statements:

Yesterday, my parents sent me a very tender message after the first release and after that, they went to sleep!

As for the second appearance, instead, Madalina Ghenea wore a long red dress while with the third dress, the Romanian actress ventured an even more daring neckline.

Sanremo 2016, the first evening of Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Ghenea in Sanremo 2016 descends from the classic scale already excited. Arrives on the stage of the Ariston for the first evening of the Festival with a shiny eye and a striped dress that enhances the slender forms, but that cannot be said to be really suitable. For Madalina a piece of script with an amarcord thought for the Sanremo seen in Romania with their parents. And the voice is already broken. It starts well.

For the second apparition, Madalina Ghenea descends from the stairs of the Ariston in a long black mermaid dress. To embellish it a splendid necklace that underlines the ethereal lines of the neck and face. Of course the feathers are a bit vintage. A bit like all this Festival.


For the third release, instead, Madalina presents herself in crystal dress and descends to the tune of Ellie Goulding's piece – tomorrow super host – taken from the soundtrack of 50 Shades of Gray. This time it is played with the many languages ​​known by Madalina. This is also an original starting point, it's not. What is striking about this release? How badly the train of his dress holds. There is no doubt that it is beautiful.

Sanremo 2016, Madalina Ghenea in tears


Madalina Ghenea to Sanremo 2016 breaks the ice with the press in the first Sanremo conference, on stage today – 8 February 2016 – on the eve of the first evening of the 66th Italian Song Festival.

"Madonna, you are so many! I am very excited and happy. I thank all the people behind this gigantic machine! I could not imagine from the sofa at home that there were so many people working on it and so much work, as Carlo says in the commercial"

says the beautiful Romanian, who does not stop to thank Italy for having accepted her, Conti for having chosen her, Rai for having accepted her, and so on. But his first tears also come: Ghenea is moved when an accredited Romanian journalist compliments her and hopes that the Festival will appreciate it. Nerves already on the surface, but here the week is long. By eye, I would say though that Rocìo already has an heir on the tears front of the Ariston. And probably also on the fashion front: he will have a different designer every night, for a total of 15 dresses.

"I'm very focused on clothes … it's not easy"

he tells the press. This is also a job.

Sanremo 2016, Madalina Ghenea: "Thank you Italy, you gave me work"


Madalina Ghenea in Sanremo 2016: the actress will be at the Ariston with Gabriel Garko and Virginia Raffaele, chosen by Carlo Conti as co-hosts of the 66th edition of the Italian Song Festival. From Youth – Youth at the Festival of 'tradition', Madalina Ghenea it is called to embody the feminine 'Beauty', as also mentioned by the conductor at the press conference.

For Madalina, Sanremo is a dream come true:

"Sanremo is a dream. I saw it at home as a child. I don't know what to say. I miss the words. I hope to bring so much happiness, which is my favorite track in Sanremo"

says Ghenea, who immediately takes the lead on the most national-popular front of the festival, calling into question one of the 'cult' songs of the Festival, returned to the Ariston last year with the historic reunion of Al Bano and Romina at the Ariston.

"I don't know how to thank Carlo, Rai, Italy. I arrived in Italy at 14 and Italy gave me work"

added Mădălina Diana Ghenea, born in Romania in 1988 and arrived in our country as a teenager as a model. It has made itself known to the large international public without many veils in the now topical scene of the film by Paolo Sorrentino in which he immerses himself in the thermal pool in which Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel seek relaxation. The public of Rai 1, on the other hand, had the pleasure of seeing it first in a commercial with Raoul Bova (she too had contact with the actor …) and then as a competitor of Dancing with the Stars 2011 paired with Simone Di Pasquale.

For Ghenea then a commitment to honor and a 'model' to imitate, that of Rocio Munoz Morales, a 'fashion' partner of Carlo Conti in the last edition. She also had a 'contact' with Bova (but only for the commercial of 3), but among her conquests another actor, Michael Fassbender (and sorry if it is little) appears.

For now, Italian TV has enlisted another international beauty, leaving perhaps the most dirty work to the beautiful and talented Virginia Raffaele: supporting a five-day live broadcast.