Madalina Ghenea had a sensational appearance the Milan Fashion Week! The beautiful Romanian woman participated in a charity event, but all eyes were on her, because she chose to wear an extremely sexy dress, which highlighted her gorgeous legs.

Madalina Ghenea, sensational appearance at Milan Fashion Week

The beautiful Romanian woman chose to wear a spectacular silver dress, with a multitude of stones, which made her shine literally. The combination of sequins and beads applied on Madalina Ghenea’s dress made her shapes stand out even more.

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The floor-length dress had a single shoulder while at the bottom it was cut deep on the left side, highlighting the long and slender legs of the Romanian model.

Madalina Ghenea sensational appearance at Milan Fashion Week
Madalina Ghenea sensational appearance at Milan Fashion Week. Photo source:

Madalina Ghenea settled in Italy with her daughter

Madalina Ghenea accessorized the dress with a bracelet, earrings and a ring with precious stones. The 11th edition of the amfAR Gala Milano, a charity event that aims to raise money to continue research to discover a treatment for AIDS, took place on Saturday night in Milan, being already a tradition among the events organized in Milan Fashion Week.

Madalina Ghenea looks better than ever, and this shows that the star went through the difficult moments of the last period, when she divorced her daughter’s father, Matei Stratan. The beautiful brunette took her child, little Charlotte, and decided to start her life again, in Italy.

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So, Matei Stratan has to commute to Italy whenever he wants to see his daughter. It seems that he is doing everything in his power to have a good relationship with Madalina Ghenea, but at the moment the two are still separated. Madalina Ghenea wants her daughter to grow up in Italy, and to come to Romania only during the holidays.