Madalina Ghenea, sex symbol and more. "Success is not enough. My daughter is life"

Ischia, 13 August 2018 – "My daughter is the greatest thing in my life. Everything I do, I do for her. When I make a film, I think that one day Charlotte will see it. When I'm a couple of days away on business, even in a wonderful place like this, I always think about when I see her again. " Madalina Ghenea mother, passionate mother, tender, deeply in love. Mother of Charlotte, had by the companion, the entrepreneur Matei Stratan, with whom he has had a report since 2016: a relationship that seemed to go through a difficult time, but which has now returned stronger than ever. But the center of Madalina's life is, unquestionably, Charlotte.

In his Instagram profile, he calls himself "Charlotte's mama", before anything else. We meet her under the sun of Ischia, at theIschia Global music & film festival, a film and music festival that brought international artists to the island. This event is very close: he made his first public appearance here in Italy. Since then, important films have come – Razzabastarda by Alessandro Gassman, Youth by Paolo Sorrentino – and a conduction a Sanremo at the side of Carlo Conti. Millions of Italians have been fascinated by the beauty of this girl, beautiful as a northern lights. And to think that they called her Olivia, like Bruce's fiancee: because she was too tall and thin. She was tall, thin and shy when growing up in Romania, with the dream of Italian cinema. And meanwhile, he learned four languages, studied dance and piano for years. And he also learned to play chess with the mastery of a Russian master.

You have the myth of Italy from an early age. Why?

"It was my mother, in love with cinema, who introduced me to the great Italian films, those with Anna Magnani and with Sofia Loren. I grew up in Romania seeing these masterpieces, and one day dreaming of being an actress myself ".

Didn't you dream of being a model?

"No: it happened more or less by accident, and it is a job that gave me so much. Even in my twenties, I had already seen most of Europe, the United States, Japan. And thanks to this work I grew , I learned to be alone, to cook, but what I really wanted to do was the cinema ".

Did her mother help her in this dream?

"He made me study: years of piano, dance. And above all, he raised me in the love for beauty. In addition to love for animals: she is a veterinarian by profession, and I grew up among thousands of animals, loving them. "

What did your mother tell you when, very young, she started her modeling career away from home?

"He told me only one thing:" learn to know the world. "And that's what I tried to do."

Besides being a daughter, she is now also a mother. What has changed this in your life?

"Everything. I always wanted a child more than anything, and I was very happy to have Charlotte. She makes things a lot easier. I used to work, I even went to beautiful places, but when I returned to the hotel room there was the emptiness, I was alone. Now the voids fill them all. "

When was Charlotte born?

"He has fifteen months now. He dances; he imitates me, he even teases me! She is a very serene child: when she was two months old, I took her on the plane with me for the first time. And now, as soon as we take off, yes she falls asleep. She is beautiful, and she is already very tall. In my opinion, she will become taller than me! Or she will play basketball, or volleyball … ".

Or she'll be a model like her …

"What Charlotte wants. I'm sure of one thing: I don't want to decide for her."

Who chose the name?

"We had an endless list of names, at the last second, shortly before signing the documents, we chose Charlotte. The more we looked at her, the more we thought she was the right name: I can't say why, but she was fine!".

Motherhood brought her back to Romania.

"Yes, I returned to where I felt the core of the deepest affections: my mother helps me a lot with the child. And I hope that she transmits the values ​​she taught me: taking care of others, having empathy. I learned that if I give a bit of my time and my energy to others who need it, I receive a thousand times more in terms of love, affection, warmth, I understood it when I went to Haiti with the projectArtists for Peace and Justice', Which brought aid after the earthquake ".

Is there, today, an Italian director with whom he would like to work?

"In addition to worshiping Paolo Sorrentino, with whom I worked in ‘Youth’, I fell in love with Matteo Garrone, and not from now. For me the story of the stories is one of the most beautiful Italian films: working with him would be a dream ".

Meanwhile he shot a film in Romania.

"Yes: it is a thriller called L´orma".

And also in Italy

"A comedy, whose provisional title is Smitten, directed by Barry Morrow, and shot in the Trentino Alps. It is a film about love that we all need, and that we all deserve a little piece of".

She came back to work a lot …

"I feel more like working than I did before. I want to do beautiful things, even for my daughter."

Have you experienced moments of difficulty?

"Yes, a few years ago: the real cure was my daughter. It is she who has swept away all my anxiety."