Madalina Ghenea: Sorrentino changed my life – Photo

Ischia. Paolo Sorrentino’s film Youth – Youth has changed its life and at the end of the month the new film begins, the first to star, in which it will be a young mountain girl. And she – Madalina Ghenea – is very keen to prepare and do well.

The scene in which beautiful and completely naked enters the thermal pool leaving the two elderly Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel with their mouths open is one that is destined to remain impressed for a long time. «I love that man and his talent – says the Romanian actress, 27 on 8 August, referring to Sorrentino – I hope to work with him again soon. I have already auditioned for his new project and it seems to have been more than convincing ». The new project is not the The Young Pope series that the Oscar winner is preparing, emphasizes his agent, rather a photographic work related to the promotion of Youth abroad. Mystery. What is certain is that after focusing on Madalina for the poster of the film, Sorrentino has already booked it to accompany the film due out in Europe and in December in America where he will attempt the Oscar route again.

«Youth changed my life not for the better, more. I have canceled my private life, I am very focused on work, but it is what I wanted to do after a year of pause in which I stopped for personal reasons and in which I believe I have reached my bottom », explains Ghenea, underlining immediately after the interviews are a problem, “because I don’t pretend, I’m myself and so I always end up revealing a little too much about myself”. The reference to private life is to the problematic end of the relationship with Michael Fassbender, the actor who in his heart had taken the place of Gerard Butler.

«Sorrentino’s film brought me back to life – adds Madalina, protagonist at Ischia Global Fest – perhaps for everything I personally had inside me my part in Youth was different. I had auditioned for a scene with two bars in all said by an ’empty’ character, Miss Universe, however, became something else, I managed to put all my emotions and frustrations in the monologue I do on the actor’s job » .

Of the new film that begins to shoot between Trentino and South Tyrol at the end of the month, he says he will play «a very unglamorous character. There are no nudes, so there will be no excuse that they have chosen me for physical gifts ». It’s called Condamned to love, with Darren Criss, directed by Barry Morrow and «it’s a comedy with a little magic. I like films like Midnight in Paris, Chocolat, The world of Amelie. I am attracted to magical realism perhaps because all that happens to me is magic ».

Just 5 years ago she was at Ischia Global fest as a perfect stranger, testimonial of a telephone company that was sponsor of the festival. She was noticed by the producer Pietro Valsecchi who made her debut in the cinema, she who had had some experience only with fashion, in the usual idiots. Then a film with Jude Law, Dom Hemingway, “turned out to be a nightmare because I felt completely inadequate”, finally the great chance with Sorrentino.

The actress in Ischia attends the Bernard Hiller course, “it’s not a real acting stage but rather an emotional something that gives you energy for months”. Today, Bill August and Matteo Garrone gave lessons, but what matters is the class of dozens of actors from all over Europe who meet for a full immersion that is repeated every year.

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