Madalina Ghenea steals the bride's scene at her brother's wedding

The model and actress returns to her hometown in Romania to attend the wedding of her beloved brother. And photographers and journalists go crazy. Look at her very elegant and moved. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, the star Gerard Butler, wants to start a family …

Madalina Ghenea at her brother Alin's wedding steals the bride's scene. And it could not be otherwise. Very elegant with a long emerald green dress, it enchants everyone. Here she is smiling, happy, moved, in Slatina, Romania (here the father of the theater of the absurd Eugène Ionesco was born). The model and actress, despite living now between Los Angeles and Milan, remained very attached to her hometown. And his presence has attracted a myriad of photographers and journalists.

Madalina Ghenea: "To me the eyes" – PHOTO

THE CALLED OLIVIA– Madalina Ghenea however, as she confessed in a recent interview with Io Donna, left Romania at the age of 14. «I played basketball, I'm 180 cm tall. They called me Giraffa and Olivia, then they saw me and offered to become a model. I accepted without hesitation, "she confesses," I was born in 1988, just before the regime collapsed: my parents earned (in two) the equivalent of 200 euros a month, so much so that Dad went to work in Israel for nine years. Mom, veterinary, there was never: my brother made me father and mother ». And since then he has been doing his own in the world. And he gets along so well that he becomes a real star.

Madalina Ghenea, here she is supersexy in a bikini – PHOTO

ON THE SET WITH JUDE LAW – As a model breaks through. Success smiles on her. And from the catwalks and photo sets to the cinema ones. "I come from a city where everything revolved around the aluminum factory, where there was real poverty and I am now the protagonist of a film with Jude Law". Oh yes, because the Ghenea after making its debut in I Soliti Idioti and starring in Alessandro Gassman's Razzabastarda, next season, we will see her femme fatale at the end of Jude Law in Dom Hemingway and Dorotea Caracciolo on TV in the third megaserie I Borgia touring in Italy.

Madalin Ghenea hides: "Leo DiCaprio? I am lucky enough to meet him »- PHOTO

GERARD (BUTLER) IS COOKED OF HER – But Madalina Ghenea's career is not the only thing that is going full steam ahead. Love also gives her a lot of satisfaction. His love love story with star Gerard Butler continues. The couple spent a long vacation in Europe (Italy and Scotland, where Gerard and Romania were born, where he met Madalina's relatives). Now he has returned to Los Angeles and she has remained in Italy. "When we met, in New York, mutual friends warned me:" Stay away from him, he's a womanizer. " I was prejudiced. The day after our meeting, he took a flight and showed up at my house, in Milan. A romantic. What was I supposed to do? You have the most fascinating man on earth on the landing with a bouquet of flowers … He immediately took me to Scotland to meet his mother: we adore him, sometimes I understand him better than with his son ».

Madalina Ghenea seduces the Aphrodite award and her Gerard Butler – PHOTO

HE WANTS A CHILD – Butler would like to start a family with Madalina. She thinks more about her career: "For a while we had moved away, it's true," confesses Ghenea, "my fault, I had promised to move to the United States, taking advantage of it to attend the Actors Studio. I had also prepared the documents to leave, suddenly this role in the Borgias came up, I could not give up. I understand that at 43 he wants tranquility, security, maybe a child … In my case, work, career is important. Gerry is a star and I, by character (I am of the Lion), do not adapt myself to being in the shade. I want to shine with my light. And then, in the end, I am a gypsy: since I was 14 I always made my own decisions, I am independent. Who loves me follow me".

Madalina Ghenea and marco Borriello, surprise flirt – PHOTO