Madalina Ghenea: the beautiful model kidnapped by the cinema

Can you only have three scenes in a movie and make a difference? If it’s “Youth“by Sorrentino, and by a woman who is not satisfied with being” Miss Universe “, yes. Madalina Ghenea, 27 years old, Romanian, ex-model turned actress, she is incredibly beautiful and not stupid at all. On the screen he puts in line the character of Paul Dano, Blockbuster actor in the Sorrentino film, saying “I am proud to be Miss Universe, are you from the film you made?”. And it makes it clear what pasta is made even in real life.

“Paolo didn’t ask me to do what I did. I was the one who decided to put all the frustrations that I had in 13 years of fashion into that scene,” he says in perfect Italian. “If you do this job and you’re six feet tall, they think you have nothing to say, they don’t take you seriously.” At 14 he finished school in Romania, started Psychology but did not finish it, which he still regrets. “I really like to observe people, when I am at an event I love to put myself in a corner to observe what they do …».

He admits it: he started to travel a lot, going back and forth between Italy and Romania, for money. “In Romania my mother, who is a veterinarian, earns 100 euros per month, for me it was difficult to give up the money they offered me. Italy invented me, to launch was the advertising of “3”: that spot made me arrive at the Ischia festival, to reward Crescentini. There a producer saw me, thanks to whom they arrived The usual idiots, Bastard breed by Gassman and the TV series The Borgias. But after Dom Hemingway with Jude Law, I quit. I felt used, I had to accept projects that didn’t make me grow. “

Changed agent (today has the same of Bellucci), changed the prospects. In Sorrentino’s film he plays the “ideal” woman, the embodiment of youth. Especially evident in the memorable pool scene in which she appears completely naked. “I never undressed like that, but I really like how Sorrentino used my body. And then it will also be the memory of my youth, in a few years I will no longer be able to do such a thing!”.

Beauty, he admits, helped her, and how. “She took me to Cannes, and even before in the world of fashion, so I am grateful to her. But she is not in first place. I come from a family with minimal wages, but who is happy with simple things. After seeing Youth I hope the message is clear: the lesson is to embrace your parents and loved ones, give them everything you can give, because you don’t know what life brings “.

Her mother wanted there to be beauty in her education. “In Slatina, our city, I attended an art school for seven years, I studied classical dance, I have a diploma and I could teach it. I love children, I see myself working with them. If I would like a son? After all trips to Haiti, Nairobi, Rio, and all the orphanages visited, I have the desire to adopt, to make one mine seems to me an act of selfishness “.

Known for her romantic relationships with aces like Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender, she explains them like this: “I don’t deny that because I like this world, I am attracted to good and beautiful men who do this job. I learned a lot from Gerard and Michael, but from more than a year I am alone, and this pause has clarified my ideas. I canceled myself for men … it is hereditary … my mother did the same.
But now I want to focus on the work: I will be on two American sets of which a romantic comedy starring directed by Barry Monroe (the other set is that of Zoolander 2). I’ll be back on an Italian set soon, with a part in dialect. I have to study 60 pages and it will be challenging … I don’t have time for men … “.